Production and factory

We use a modern production hall in Kolín, with our own mechanical workshop. The total area of the production premises is 1000m2. Particularly for FAT tests, a part of the production plant has antistatic coating. We have a separate FAT room available for you, with data connection and a production part.

The workshop is equipped with modern machines for the bending and punching of Cu buses, automatic installation of cable-end sleeves, and professional production of manufacturing and identification labels.

Our own programmers have the latest versions of the development environment for Allen Bradley and Siemens systems at their disposal. We provide our customers with remote administration.

Manag a.s. - sídlo
Manag a.s. - Výroba a závod 1
Manag a.s. - fotografie výroba 4
Manag a.s. - výrobní prostory 3
Manag a.s. - fotografie výrobních prostor